In My Ears

Summer is here so you need some music to go along with it right…? Not too keen just plugging in to Ariana Grande all the time (don't get me wrong there are definitely times when that music is called for I mean Fancy by Iggy is my jam…). I put together a playlist perfect for the beach or you know, your tiny patch of ground in London. 

Wild Belle are insanely awesome..especially for summer I listened to them with the windows down all last summer. 

I also quite like San Cisco at the moment a little band from Australia, their song Beach is perfect for well the beach I guess or like laying on the tarmac if thats all you've got to work with.

MO does an amazing cover of the Spice Girls for a bit of 90's nostalgia, I've heard the 90's are in right?

Jagwar Ma are pretty chilled, again from Aus I think it's pretty good summer music to plug in and you don't look like your following the crowd you know.  

So take a listen and follow me on Spotify