NEOM Organics Candle

So I love candles, for someone that doesn't find it very easy to relax I think they are great for this. I partly blame my flat mates and for having an unpleasant University flat for my addiction. I have collected many over time, including Diptyque, Jo Malone, and lots from Anthropologie. There is nothing better especially on a rainy autumn day than lighting a candle whilst you do your work or wind down for the night. 

I have been on the search for a candle that smells nice, not like vanilla or cupcakes and that burns for a long time, and is not overly expensive.

Neom Organics candles are 100% natural fragrances. Their large 3 wick candles cost £45 but you can get 15% off your first order. I think the price is decent for such large candles that smell great. I got the candle in the fragrance Real Luxury. I was slightly hesitant of the lavender notes in this candle as I hate lavender scents but it is actually quite mellow and nice. The other notes are jasmine, a personal favourite of mine, and Brazilian rosewood.

They come beautifully packaged with a little booklet about the scents. I have been burning it for a few weeks now, it burns well and the fragrance is strong enough to fill a room.

I would highly recommend them for any candle lovers and they would make amazing gifts. I am now definitely interested to try their other products like the body oils because of their natural ethos and they smell great!