Skincare Part I

These are my skincare picks for summer... or any other month really. My skin is generally combination, but I do get breakouts on my forehead and chin.Because I'm so pale breakouts and the redness can be a bit of a problem for me. I change my skincare products frequently, especially moisturisers (hence why I haven't included any)so for now this is what I'm using and my thoughts.

The quick rundown is: 

Aesop Parsley Seed cleanser, this is the first Aesop product I have used and I love it. The smell is a little off putting as it has a very strong herbal aroma(think Liz Earl but stronger). However the product is great, and I think I have seen an improvement in my skin whilst using it, with less breakouts. I would recommend it for people with oily and combination skin. I personally think it would be too drying for those with a dry skin type.

I have used the Loreal Micellar Water for a while now. I read some bloggers reviews that thought it was too drying. For me it is fine, and works amazingly at taking off make-up, including mascara. I think it is a great dupe for Bioderma and the plus is it's widely available in the UK in Boots.

I'm still not one hundred percent sold on the beauty elixir. I agree with some reviewers who are disappointed to find alcohol in the ingredients for a product that is so expensive. Again this has a strong smell of herbs, which is slightly more pleasant than Aesop. I think this works ok as a toner, to spray on skin after cleansing but I wouldn't use it everyday as I think it could be pretty drying.

The Eve Lom Dynaspot is amazing! In the past I have tried out La Roche Posay spot cream but found it did very little (might just be my skin). The Eve Lom cream is fantastic at drying out and reducing redness of spots. I put it on any breakouts before bed and in the morning they look so much better. It is quite pricey but well worth it.