Whatever On The Web

Just some articles and web links that I have been loving lately to browse, watch and look at!

I have been loving reading this months The Edit from  Net-A-Porter I am also obsessed with the 90's and anything about 90's supermodels gets my vote. Also may have convinced me to buy PRRTY PEAUSHUN

Obsessed with Giambattista Valli Fall Haute Couture show. Makes me happy about fashion again. The last three gowns are spectacular. View the outfits online at Vogue, just do it, right now.   

The weather in England is pretty odd at the moment, but because it is summer, this article from Harpers Bazaar on Beer Gardens is great for anyone in London. Now you know what to do this weekend.

I am obsessed with anything thats going to give me flawless natural skin so this blog post from Vivianna Does Makeup is great. I think for anyone that is pale that getting a beautiful even complexion is the best thing in terms of make-up.

Last this quote from HBO Girls that I tweeted because it is so true.