Life Through The Lens

Life lately through an Instagram filter…or not.

1) This week I made a pretty badass, mood board, pin board thing. I used bits from Poter Magazine which I love, and other postcards and disposable camera pictures I had lying about.

2) The weather this week has been pretty strange. There were crazy electrical storms in London and the South, and one minute it was boiling and the next raining. I opted for Breton striped tee and Topshop matte blue nail polish.   

3) I mean I am cool…You can never pass up watching Parent Trap. I have said it so many times but I just really want to live in a Nancy Meyers movie, please…

4) Kinda strange one as I am not four years old. Been doing a bit of ballet again lately. It is great exercise and creates beautiful long lean muscles, yes I sound weird. I highly recommend checking out Mary Helen Bowers Ballet Beautiful it's ballet inspired workout and you can do it at home. Also check out her Instagram it will convince you to try it so you can look as elegant and poised (hopefully) as her.

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